Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Quibids Strategies- Can You Really Win On Quibids?

Does the thought of winning an Ipad for under $30 get your heart racing? Would you like the chance to win new sunglasses, TV’s, and a list of other goods for well below retail value? I know I am and most likely, you want to do the same. If you take some time to research Quibids, you will see two things come to the forefront. The first being; is Quibids real? The next being; is there some type of Quibids strategies that I can use to win more. Quibids does a nice job of defining exactly how their site works and it is most certainly a legitimate site, but if you go in without some Quibids strategies of your own, you are not likely to win. Here are just a few Quibids strategies that you may want to try. 

Bidding Software
Let’s face it, we as humans have a lot on our plates, using one of the many software programs that help you keep track of your competition and gain the upper hand in bidding is one of my favorite Quibids strategies. In short, programs like Bid-Ninja have been tracking Quibids from the start and by using their program, you will have all of that data at your fingertips in an easy to understand chart. This gives you valuable insight into the entire bidding process.

Gathering Data
Let’s say that you forego any software and stick to entirely manual Quibids strategies. The key to success is being realistic. You are not likely to win every single auction, and to increase your chances, you are going to need to do a good deal of research to determine bidding trends and analyze the Quibids strategies that your competition is using. Even without programs like Bid Ninja, this can be done, but it will take some time to compile your own set of data.

Overall Cost Analysis
If you allow yourself to fall into the hype of Quibids, you could easily abandon all of your Quibids strategies and go wild with bids.
Sure, you may “win” the bid, but are you really a winner? The biggest mistake people make on Quibids is losing track of the total cost of an item. Just what am I talking about?
 Consider this, if you buy and item that retails for $5 at auction for $3, but then you add the cost of bids and a transaction fee plus shipping, your “savings” actually resulted in you spending more. To make a long story short, take all fees into consideration when placing your top bid on an item.

Overall, I believe that Quibids is a good site and through the use of various Quibids strategies, you can often get items at a steep discount. The key to success of this site is patience. You must take time to understand exactly how the site works and how the penny pricing model will play out in a live auction. In closing don’t forget to explore various Quibids strategies and keep track of what worked best for you.

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